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Scientists have found how animals threatened with mass extinction

Ученые установили, каким животным грозит массовое вымираниеOne-third of polar bears will be extinct in the next 35 years.

The polar bear population in the next 35 years will be reduced by one third due to the melting of Arctic ice.

To such conclusion researchers from the service of protection of fish resources and wild animals of the United States.

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According to specialists, the number of polar bears on Earth in the next 35-40 years decreased from 26 thousand as minimum to 17 thousand Other projections suggest a population reduction of 80%, which would put polar bears at risk of extinction.

The bears need Arctic ice to hunt seals, which are very agile in the water. Scientists have divided the bears into 19 sub-groups, two of which have already declined due to lack of ice.

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