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Scientists have found fragments similar to the Tatooine planet

Ученые обнаружили обломки похожей на Татуин планетыScientists have discovered the wreckage of a rocky planet in the system of 2 stars.

Astronomers discovered in the constellation Serpens fragments of rocky planets “Tatooine”.

The volumes of the slices to equate to a trillion tons, which is comparable to the size of the asteroid with a diameter of 4 km.

British scientists are confident that they have found the wreckage of planets that are similar to planetmay Tatooine from the legendary movie “Star wars.” They are able to consider a system of two stars. The so-called “Tatooine” – a planet orbiting two stars, they are extremely rare. All the world famous 11 “Tatooine”, which was discovered in the nine star system. Such discoveries were made possible by the telescope “Kepler”, which in 2011 opened the first “Tatooine”. Such fragments can be combined to form earth-like planets.

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Scientific Director Jay Farihi believes that “Tatiana” should contain the gigantic gas mass, since the creation of the stone planets can impede air flow, which is produced when the gravitational interaction of the stars.

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