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Scientists have found flying spiders-ghosts

Ученые нашли летающих пауков-призраковRecently, scientists were able to discover on the island in the Pacific ocean Robinson Crusoe-special spiders.

Spiders ghosts received the name for its light weight enabling them to fly.

New ability to travel by air appeared in arthropods on the island of Robinson Crusoe. For flying spiders use their webs, which at the time of Aeronautics performs the role of a kite or a parachute that can move them over long distances.

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Darko Kocoras, a researcher from the California Academy of Sciences (USA) reported that animals that live on this island, change their usual environment and is able to change the normal behavior for their species. In his opinion, does the animal feel freer, because there is no competition, and begin to show hidden features.

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Arachnologist Martin Ramirez with a team of researchers studied spiders on the island since 2011. They managed to find four new species of unigenito, and three of them have already studied, but the names are not assigned.

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