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Scientists have found evidence for the existence of life in space

Ученые нашли доказательства существования жизни в космосеOn brown dwarfs could live here.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom) suggested that in the atmosphere of the so-called brown dwarfs can live creatures.

The data of a celestial body are intermediate between stars and planets.

Scientists believe that the substars can live aliens, because in the upper atmosphere of these space bodies are similar to ground conditions – temperature and pressure.

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Previously, experts have conducted studies that found that brown dwarfs are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen necessary for the emergence of primitive life forms.

However, there are no solid surface and water. Before the research staff studied the work of Carl Sagan, who 40 years ago made an assumption about the development of life in the atmosphere of Jupiter.

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He said that the sun’s rays can nourish the ecological system in the upper layers of the gas envelope, whereby they can appear floating plants.

The researchers also turned their attention to the open three years ago, the brown dwarf WISE 0855-0714, which, according to some reports, there are water clouds.

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