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Scientists have found ancient pyramids in Antarctica

Ученые обнаружили древние пирамиды в Антарктиде The researchers find out who built the pyramids and when they appeared on the continent.

In the Antarctic, scientists have found three pyramids, which were built by the ancient civilization.

Scientists believe that these objects could not appear as a result of natural disasters, because their architecture looks as accurate as possible.

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Following the hypothesis, which is outlined in his article, the publication “Informing”, which journalists have studied all found, built, soon, researchers will still be able to more accurately tell when and who built the pyramids.

I should add that 10 years ago scientists from the USA managed to find in the Antarctic a huge crater formed, according to experts, due to the fall of a large meteorite. The researchers also suggest that because of this disaster on the continent has disappeared, the flora and fauna.

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