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Scientists have found an ancient ship at the bottom of the Black sea

Ученые нашли древний корабль на дне Черного моряThe gem is just amazing!

Archaeologists have discovered and raised from the depths of the Black sea, an ancient ship that sank. Age unique archaeological finds is 2400 years.

The researchers found that the ship is Greek. Its length is 23 meters. The depth where it found and where raised – about two kilometers.

It is curious that, despite the venerable age of the ship, its masts are relatively well preserved. The same experts say about the state of the steering wheel and seats for rowing. All that remained due to the lack of oxygen at great depths.

According to scientists, the ship is the type of merchant ships, which until now was known only from drawings on historic ceramic vessels.

Like the ship depicted on ancient vase 480 BC, which depicts the scene of the meeting of Odysseus with the sirens.

The ship was discovered within the three-year mission of underwater archaeologists and surveyors, who conduct a survey of the bottom of the black sea basin.

At this moment, the team of experts found more than 60 historic shipwrecks. The age of sunken ships spans the classical period, Roman times and the XVII century, when the Cossacks made several sea raids against the Ottoman Empire.

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