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Scientists have found a way to make the Sahara green and fertile

Ученые нашли способ сделать Сахару зеленой и плодородной Scientists conducted climate modeling.

A group of meteorologists from the United States, China and Italy, led by Eugenia, Kalnay conducted a simulation of the climate of the Sahara desert, which showed that the region may again become fertile. Their study published in the journal Science.

In their study, the researchers proposed to cover the whole area of the Sahara (more than nine million square kilometers) of solar and wind farms. Through the implementation of this mega project it will be possible to produce four times more energy than all of humanity consumes today.

According to them, after placing the objects in the desert more than two times will increase the amount of precipitation that would enhance the vegetation, and due to this increase the vegetation cover in the region.

Scientists say that wind farms at large scales will influence the movement of the winds, and contribute to mixing of air masses. A solar panel will reflect solar radiation and thus cool the surface. According to experts, such measures will be sufficient to in the desert again began to develop agriculture.

The scientists also conducted a climate modeling and other deserts of our planet based power plants, but their impact has been limited because of the peculiarities of their climate and the lack of size.

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