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Scientists have found a way to grow the electronics

Ученые нашли возможность выращивать электронику Scientists from the California Institute of technology in Pasadena were able to take the first step towards growing electronics with the help of bacteria.

It is reported that due to the genes of bacteria from the geysers and hot springs experts managed to create enzymes capable of synthesizing silicon compounds.

Because of this, in the future it will be possible to create new types of drugs and even chips with the help of living organisms.

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According to the authors of the study that the water of many geysers and springs of mineral water contains a huge number of silicon compounds. By studying the genes and proteins contained in the cells of the bacteria Rhodothermus marinus, living in geothermal springs in Iceland, scientists have discovered an unusual cytochrome C. In the course of the experiment it turned out that this protein is able to force the atoms of silicon and carbon to unite with each other.

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Experts stressed that the enzyme is fifteen times faster and much “cleaner” than the synthetic catalysts, currently used by pharmacists and biotechnologists to carry out such reactions between silicon and carbon.

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