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Scientists have found a universal way of extending the life

Ученые нашли универсальный способ продления жизниThe inhibition of RNA-polimerase III can increase life expectancy.

American, British and Dutch scientists has found a universal way of extending the life of organisms. A study published in the journal Nature.

The experts found that the survival rate of yeast cells, and the lifespan of fruit flies and nematodes have increased by approximately 10 percent after a slight fall in adulthood of the activity of the enzyme RNA polymerase III.

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According to co-author Danny Filer, the activity of RNA polymerase III “negatively affect the function of stem cells, intestinal health and survival of animals.” The inhibition of the enzyme, as shown by a study in this sense is similar to receiving immunosuppressant rapamycin.

RNA polymerase III, experts say, is present in most cells in all species of animals, including humans, and its inhibition can increase life expectancy.

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