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Scientists have found a star that could destroy life on Earth

Ученые нашли звезду, способную уничтожить жизнь на ЗемлеAstronomers have discovered a real “death star”.

Star HIP68468, located 300 light years from Earth, was destroyed and swallowed several planets of its system.

In the composition of a distant star HIP68468 — “twin” of our Sun traces planets that she once swallowed.

An article describing the details of the unique findings of astronomers, still being prepared for publication in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, but its Preprint is already available on the website of Cornell University.

Professor, University of Chicago Jacob Bean (Jacob Bean) and his colleagues have been searching for planets around solar-type stars, when one of them attracted special attention of scientists.

Located 300 light years from Earth HIP68468 really very similar to our yellow luminary: its mass is 1.05 from the mass of the Sun, age 5.9 billion years, and it refers to the same spectral class G.

HIP68468 rotate around at least two planets the size of several times larger than the Earth, and one is to the star exclusively close.

The radius of the orbit HIP68468 b accounts for only 0.02 of the distance between the Sun and Earth (0,02. E.).

Existing models of planet formation show that they could not have formed on their current orbit and migrated here from more distant from the star system areas.

This process could be accompanied by complex gravitational interactions with other planets and the destabilization of their movement, ending in the result of their departure outside the system, or death in the bowels HIP68468.

According to who lead Jacob Bean and his co-authors, in the past realized the second scenario.

In the composition HIP68468 astronomers have observed excess of refractory metals, and lithium — elements uncharacteristic of the yellow solar-type stars, but is widely represented in the composition of planets with a solid surface.

The calculations showed that an excess of these substances could do with the planet or planets with a total mass of about six times the mass of the Earth, dead on HIP68468.

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