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Scientists have found a place to live people on the moon

Ученые нашли место для жизни людей на ЛунеLava tube inside the moon can accommodate human colony.

The team from Purdue University in Indiana have used the method of computer simulation for calculation of the sizes of lava tubes.

These pipes can be good for the life of the human colonies.

According to scientists, the lava tube beneath the surface of the moon may be big enough for the human colonies, the average length of such pipes is about three miles.

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These caves can be used to host databases and also help you avoid high radiation and meteor showers.

On the Ground, also found a lava tube, for example, in Iceland and in the Hawaiian Islands, huge tunnels carved in the rock, through which flowing lava.

Geologists think they formed from magma streams that have dried up, leaving channels through solid rock.According to scientists, the same structure can be found under the lunar surface.

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To such conclusions experts have come through the tiny gravitational changes and images of cave openings.

If the lava tube such as they presented to scientists, with their help, humanity will be able to comfortably survive under the lunar surface.

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