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Scientists have found a new way to feed humanity

Ученые нашли новый способ накормить человечествоScientists have invented an unusual way to “transform” inedible food

Scientists from the Institute of nature in Finland suggested to combat the growing hunger in the Land use sawdust from the wood as a food source.

A group of researchers created a project MonoCell for the production of wood sawdust unicellular protein. It is envisaged that this protein suitable for fish feed in factory farms that will not use for this purpose food that can be ingested by humans.

“We could use potatoes or corn, but it is better for them to feed the people. For example, in the USA potato starch making bioethanol and the planet a lot of people are suffering from hunger. I am opposed to food to make fuel,” said project Manager Risto Korpinen.

On the woodworking industry in Finland each year it produces about 3.3 million cubic meters of sawdust. A significant portion goes to the production of pulp and electricity, but a lot of sawdust going to waste and rot.

According to forecasts, the number of undernourished people on the Earth will increase by 2 billion people by 2050. Lack of food will increase due to the decreasing amount of arable land. Earlier, a group of American scientists from the food organizations reported that in about 30 years the world might be a hunger across the planet. Scientists also claim that about 31% of people in the world inefficient use of food, throwing away leftover food that can still be used for food. The UN study indicate that one-third of the produced food goes in the trash.

The producers do not leave attempts to find alternative sources of food for mankind. Recent decades actively developing farm insects, which offer to use as a protein source. For example, in Switzerland, Europe’s first legally permitted the sale of products from crickets, grasshoppers and meal worms.

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