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Scientists have found a new way to extend the life

Ученые нашли новый способ продлить жизньExperts in the field of bioengineering conducted experiments on fruit flies.

The use of probiotics combined with herbal supplements may increase the duration of life, found researchers from McGill University.

They were fed a symbiotic (mixture of probiotic and polyphenols) and triphala (a herbal Supplement).

Using these substances, the scientists were able to extend the life of flies to 66 days. This is 26 days longer than in insects, the body of which SymbioticA and triphala were reported. In addition, bioengineers have been able to reduce the negative effects of aging.

Scientists attribute the positive effect of the experiment as the bacteria in the intestinal tract.

“Probiotics significantly alter the architecture of the microbiota (the totality of microflora and microfauna. — Approx. ed.) of the bowel not only on the composition but also in terms of the metabolism of the foods we eat,” explained Professor Satya Prakash, who heads the study.

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