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Scientists have found a new way of generating electricity

Ученые нашли новый способ выработки электричестваElectricity can produce mushrooms.

Scientists have created a bionic fungus, which generates electricity. For this they used certain bacteria and graphene nanoribbon, which extend from the cap to the stem.

But the experiment demonstrated how it is possible to generate electricity biological origin. To develop a team of scientists from Stevens Institute of Technology in new Jersey used ordinary mushrooms from the supermarket, covered with belts of graphene.

Then, on the ribbon with a 3D printer, have caused “biological ink” from Cyanobacteriae, which are able to produce electricity under the action of the Sun, but are unable to live long on artificial surfaces.

To solve this problem, scientist Sudeep Joshi decided that environment for the bacteria to become mushrooms. And it solves the problem that prevented to use them to generate electricity.

Mushrooms from the supermarket, coated with ribbons of graphene in order to create a network of electrodes to interact with the bacteria. Thus, under the action of light, the microorganisms listed in mushrooms using “biological ink”, started to allocate the electric current. “Light on the mushrooms activates the photosynthesis process of the cyanobacteria, which are generated by the biological origin of the electrons,” explained Joshi.

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