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Scientists have found a new explanation for phantom pain

Ученые нашли новое объяснение фантомных болейThe neurons responsible for amputees, interwoven with the nerve pathways responsible for pain.

Scientists emphasize that the neurons are never idle. In the case of amputation of an arm or leg areas of the nerve cells, which are responsible for the signals from her, you can randomly get off. In that case, if at the same time the excitation of pain neurons, there is an unpleasant feeling in the amputated limb.

The researchers note that when similar processes occur in normal conditions, they are part of the “collateral noise” and not accepted by the body. If the patient is missing part of the body, activation of neurons responsible for limb is something really significant, since there are no other signals that mask it.

According to the principle known as “Hebb’s law”, if one neuron excites another, communication between them improves with time. So excited coincidence neurons can make a significant contribution to the initiation of adjacent nerve cells responsible for pain.

Now, researchers have proposed a new method of treatment of phantom pain. The electrodes installed on the cult, intercept neural signals intended for the amputated limb, and transmit them to the computer, which translates them into movements of the virtual hand. Patients can see digital a limb and you can control it, which stimulates the formation of new neural connections that weaken or forestall tangling with the pain centers.

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