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Scientists have found a link between education and health

Ученые нашли связь между образованием и здоровьемProblems arise because of the different upbringing.

Scientists from State University in Atlanta, Georgia, explained the link between education and health. They noted that bad habits are less typical for those who went to University. Attempts to quit Smoking also vary depending on the level of education.

People who received only a certificate of completion of secondary school and those who even didn’t finish it, it is rarely refused this bad habit. Experts also emphasize that the modern education system is not sophisticated enough. They are intended to just take a man further to give more knowledge in different areas, however, there is no worries about the psyche of the students.

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People are experiencing a lot of stress since childhood, and this delayed them quite deeply in the brain. The effects are noticeable not at once, but then they develop quite quickly, harming the health of the students. Experts note that despite the civility of the world, often to the deterioration of socialization, as such, affect the question of nationality, and financial status and so on.

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