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Scientists have found a completely new kind of planets

Ученые нашли совершенно новый вид планетThey’re not like the others.

Astrophysics of the University of Montreal found a new kind of planetary systems. It is noted that he is fundamentally different from the already known.

The scientists explained that in contrast to the already open system, in this exoplanets approximately the same size and revolve around a common star. The intervals between the planetary orbits is also regular. This system was able to detect with the help of the Kepler telescope NASA. Experts believe that they are dealing with a number of planets United into a system quite different from the Solar system way.

As proof of his theory, scientists under the leadership of Lorena Weiss has investigated more than 900 planets which belong to 355 systems. These celestial bodies are mostly located at a distance of one to four thousands of light-years from Earth. As a result of their observations, the astronomers concluded that planets there are in principle peas in a pod – they are equal in size and are located from each other at the same distance, revolving around a common center.

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According to the classical theory, planets start to form around new stars. Often the region of formation of the compact and the distance between objects is about the same. It is noted that in the case of the Solar system Jupiter and Saturn broke the rules at an early stage of formation. However, experts are still unable to explain why within the system of the planet are almost identical. These studies can shed light, near which stars are forming planets suitable for life.

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