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Scientists have found a bacterium that existed before the advent of oxygen

Ученые нашли бактерию, существовавшую до появления кислородаAmerican scientists have found bacteria, which is more than 2.5 billion years.

Bacteria older than 2.5 billion years, scientists found.

The discovery was made by experts working at the American University of Cincinnati.

Thanks to this bacteria can be assumed that the first organisms existed on Earth without oxygen. Bacteria found in South Africa, the fossil record. Age servicelease is 2,52 billion years. Scientists believe that they are larger the greater part of the normal bacteria.They have spherical shape, smooth walls and microscopic structure.

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Experts report that found bacteria resemble single-celled organisms that live today in the Pacific depths, this place is almost no oxygen.

According to Andrew Tea, one of the study’s authors, these observations can detect diverse forms of life and ecosystems that existed prior to the Oxygen catastrophe that occurred 2.3 billion years ago. Geologists have said that the method of radiometric Dating helps them to learn about the age of various objects.

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