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Scientists have figured out why the blinking man does not see the darkness

Ученые выяснили, почему при моргании человек не видит темнотуStrange question really has interested scientists, and they were able to find a very simple answer.

All the fault of the medial prefrontal cortex of the brain, what scientists from the German Primate center and the Medical center at the University of göttingen and their American colleagues have guessed initially.

The experiment was carried on patients with epilepsy during their treatment. To do this, subjects in the brain temporarily implanted electrodes to read the information.

Scientists have shown patients two point grid and were asked to rate their perception. So experts have found out that if the patient called the lattice are the same, he used the primary information. Primary and secondary data overlap each other for a stable understanding of the outer world. Similarly, the brain works when the person blinks.

Having to fix the environment, the neurons retain it in memory until the person opens his eyes. This means that in fact one sees the darkness, but her “suppress” previous memories of the world.

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