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Scientists have figured out why global warming is dangerous for insects

Ученые выяснили, почему глобальное потепление опасно для насекомыхBecame aware of another danger of global warming

In all likelihood, 2016, and before 2015, will soon be officially declared the hottest in the entire history of observations.

Most experts agree that global warming will greatly affect the Earth and its inhabitants, but the question is, what will be the influence, in some respects, remains open. A group of British researchers from Sheffield University, find out how climate change can affect and already affects insects.

The study showed, the changing climate affects the reproductive function of insects, reducing their chances to leave offspring. This is due to the fact that high and not typical for one or another climatic strip temperature have a negative influence on the development of young individuals, in particular, affects the formation of their reproductive system. In this case, young insects can travel long distances, which makes the situation even more unpleasant.

Experiments and observations conducted by specialists has shown that irreparable damage to the reproductive health insects can cause temperatures that exceed the normal of 5.5 degrees Celsius for ten and more days. It is particularly dangerous warming is recognized for the inhabitants are by nature not too hot latitudes, at least, the fruit fly Sweden from Sweden proved to be more susceptible to the identified phenomenon, than their relatives from warmer Spain.

Thus, according to scientists, global warming, even if it is not too threatening the health of the insects directly, can still lead to their extinction if each successive generation will produce fewer offspring. Reducing the number of insects or even their disappearance, in turn, can affect other living beings, as well as any significant change in ecosystems. However, while the experts are not ready to answer the question, what exactly are these changes.

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