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Scientists have figured out why giraffes have such long neck

Ученые выяснили, для чего у жирафов такая длинная шеяScientists have solved the mystery of the long neck of the giraffe

From the results of the conducted research we can say that such a long neck is essential to these animals in order to ward off excess heat and to protect from overheating.

Experts wondered why the need for the giraffe long neck. They also wondered whether the true theory is that a long neck to get leaves from the highest trees. Scientists have studied the body structure of the giraffe and found out that the long neck of the animal is necessary in order to carry excess heat away from himself when the giraffe turned to the Sun.

Note that giraffes are one of the largest animals on the planet. Note that at the end of 2016 these animals brought in the Red book in the category of “vulnerable.” The fact that over the past 30 years, the population of giraffes has dropped by 40%.

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