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Scientists have figured out where Venus storm the most

Ученые выяснили, где Венеру штормит больше всегоJapanese scientists were able to prove that wind has the highest speed at the equator of the planet, and as you move to the poles, he weakens.

“Specialists of the Japanese aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA) announced that the space probe “akatsuki”, which in 2015 was successfully placed into the calculated orbit of Venus, they were able to detect differences in the intensity of winds in orbit of the planet depending on latitude”.

The highest speed is about 90 m/s, the scientists recorded in the atmosphere near the equator at a height of 45-60 km, which Is ten times more than the intensity of the rotation of Venus around its axis. The wind carries the cloud layer whose thickness is of the order of 20 km, and Reflected from them the light of the sun is the reason that the bright planet is visible from Earth every morning and evening in clear weather.

About the presence of powerful winds in the atmosphere of Venus was known before, however, it was assumed that their speed is about the same everywhere. Nevertheless, the Japanese experts managed to prove the opposite – in fact, as you move towards the poles, the wind becomes less strong. As noted in JAXA, this discovery should help to unravel the mystery winds around Venus, which has long excites the minds of scientists around the world.

“Akatsuki” is the first Japanese camera to study Venus, first of all, its extremely dense atmosphere of carbon dioxide. It is expected that he will be able to help find a clue to the mechanism of formation of the giant clouds of sulphuric acid and raging on the planet of hurricanes. For this device has six different observation instruments, including five cameras, operating in different bands, from infrared to ultraviolet. The project cost is more than $200 million.

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