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Scientists have figured out where to find the Martians

Ученые выяснили, где найти марсианAmazing discovery.

Scientists have made the assumption that due to unsuitable conditions of the surface of the red Giant, all intelligent life, as life can be on Mars deep underground.

According to the data recorded 10 years ago one of the first Rovers, water, and hydrothermal activity on the planet’s surface is, and this means that it can be and life. However, those “Martians” should be sought not on the surface of the planet, because of the sparsity of the atmosphere, on the surface of Mars gets too much radiation. In such circumstances, would not have survived no intelligent life.

But deep underground might have a living activity and even intelligent civilizations. Because the conditions underground can be much more favorable, and mineral species of Mars can filter out the upper radiation by almost 100%, giving the possibility to emerge of life inside.

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