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Scientists have figured out when the first grandmother

Ученые выяснили, когда появились первые бабушкиScientists found out when it appeared the first grandmother. At first glance, a simple question was not so simple.

The thing is that such a seemingly simple question as the time of occurrence of the grandmothers became apparent at a later period of evolution.

When our ancestors acquired the memory, intelligence and proper thinking. At the dawn of civilization, our life expectancy was very small – a maximum of 40 years. Very often women and men do not live to the age when their children become adults to continue the race.

Subsequently, when conditions became a little better, life expectancy has increased. And later appeared the so-called “grandmother hypothesis”. In accordance with it, older women don’t have to breed for evolutionary reasons. They should help their daughters to nurture and grow their children, thus they preserve and improve their family. This theory is scientists found confirmation and some still quite backward tribes of Africa. But it is still impossible to establish the time of appearance of grandmothers. When it was determined that it is not always grandmother was a real boon for the tribe. They helped only in the case that remained in good memory and intellectual abilities, to be able to keep track of the kids and teach them everything.

It follows that the grandmother as such, is a fairly recent phenomenon. And man is the only species of mammals on the planet who could do it.

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