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Scientists have figured out what killed all the dinosaurs

Ученые выяснили, что погубило всех динозавровScientists call the final cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs.

According to a new study of American scientists, ancient life on Earth stopped because of the impact of an asteroid 10 km in diameter. He was the reason the 18-month winter on the planet and regular fire rains.

One of the researchers, Dr. Charles Bardeen from the National center for atmospheric research, USA, said that such statements had created a complex computer model which calculated the power of the cataclysm.

According to some estimates, during this time, became extinct more than three quarters of all animal species on Earth.

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66 million years ago an asteroid, which began small-Paleogene extinction, vanished into thin air, and then condensed in small particles. When they fell to the ground, the friction of the air made them so hot that they could literally fire on the Ground.

Photosynthesis was impossible for 18 months. As shown by the model, soot in the upper layer of the atmosphere absorbs the sun’s energy, warming her more than 200°C.

This has led to the depletion of the ozone layer that protects life on Earth from harmful radiation, and also allows you to store a huge amount of water in the stratosphere.

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As soon as the heavens were cleansed of soot, the sun’s rays do not only irradiate life on earth. They began a quick cooling process.

Fewer soot meant that the stratosphere was cooled and therefore the water vapor condensed, washing away the soot, when she fell to the ground. This created a feedback loop that eliminated the black layer just a few months.

Dormant seeds spring to life, the mammals emerged from their burrows, the ozone layer is slowly recovering, and, gradually, life on Earth appeared again, including the dinosaurs.

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