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Scientists have figured out how dangerous a gluten-free diet

Ученые выяснили, чем опасна безглютеновая диета It is not necessary to give up foods with gluten.

American researchers from Harvard and Columbia University have shown that a gluten-free diet can be harmful for people who are not suffering from celiac disease (a disease of the small intestine associated with gluten intolerance).

The corresponding article published in the authoritative scientific journal The BMJ.

Experts say to avoid foods with gluten is only for those who suffer from this disease.

Gluten is a group of storage proteins that are in grains – wheat, rye, and oats.

Studies have shown that people who have no celiac disease, a gluten-free diet can even be dangerous. After all, people who adhere to this diet, not eating healthy whole grains.

At the same time benefit from a gluten-free diet has not been proven by scientists.

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