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Scientists have explained why the ice surface is wet

Ученые рассказали, почему поверхность льда мокраяScientists have found that molecules are unstable and periodically evaporate, then reappear.

Japanese scientists decided to find out why the ice surface is wet.

After all the frozen liquid must have the same aggregate state that actually is not true.

Japanese scientists from Hokkaido University conducted a study of the molecular composition of the surface ice with the aid of a microscope. Such water molecules are called – quasi-liquid layers. The study became known that such layers do not have a permanent structure, so as to periodically evaporate and reappear on the surface of the ice.

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The second summary observation was that the quasi-liquid layers are formed only in the case when the ice is growing. That is, these layers represent a transitional state and they are created due to formation of steam. To achieve steady state, which would make the ice surface is dry, it is necessary to create special conditions, which almost never occur in nature.

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In comparison the energy States of dry and wet surfaces, scientists have determined that the quasi-liquid layer, it is impossible to keep in balance.

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