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Scientists have explained why the aliens are still not found

Called seven reasons.

How could it be that the whole Universe with hundreds of billions of stars there is only one inhabited planet? It is obvious that somewhere there is still intelligent life, the question is, why can’t we find it.

Thinking about how can we be the only intelligent beings in the Universe, immortalized the name of physics Enrico Fermi (which, by the way, outstanding scientist) in the 1950s.

A logical fiction, is known as the Fermi paradox says that over billions of years the Universe has existed it had to develop an alien civilization, the traces of which we should see. But this doesn’t happen.

The universe is very old and large, reasoned Fermi. The number of stars in it is huge. The number of planets in them, apparently, too big. What percentage of them, albeit small, needs to be populated. So, for such a long period of time in such large spaces should be to develop civilization.

Why do we not see traces of their activities?

Among the many possible answers to this question for a long half century since the advent of the Fermi paradox, we can distinguish the following seven.

Let’s try to analyze each of them, agreeing, and agreeing with colleagues who from time to time perform a similar analysis.

1. they simply do not

According to this view, humanity is the only intelligent species in Vsesvit. We sort of elected.

Proponents of this perspective argue arguments about the uniqueness of Earth and its environment.

For example that the Solar system is unique, we have never seen such an arrangement of the planets a little closer to the Sun giants – away, so their gravitational fields deflect comets and asteroids away from Earth.

Opponents of this hypothesis claim that only in the milky way galaxy there must be 40 billion planets comparable to Earth in size.

It is difficult to imagine that none of them are planets, found themselves in conditions similar to earth’s. Scientists estimate that even if only 0.01% of these planets were similar to Earth, this would mean that such planets in the milky way are at least a million.

And who said that life can only develop in such conditions? WMS, other life itself just to be different, go the other evolutionary path, and the like.

2 … life, maybe there is somewhere, but it is not reasonable

Supporters of this hypothesis cite the example of various organisms that occur in extreme conditions on Earth – in the mouth of a volcano on the ocean floor (i.e., at the enormous temperatures, pressures, lack of sunlight).

According to recent discoveries, such microorganisms can live in the subglacial oceans of Europe, a satellite of Jupiter, and Titan, moon of Saturn. However, as would please the fact of possible existence of life beyond Earth, it does not mean that this life is intelligent or may become so in the future.

In the same organisms from the bottom of the Pacific ocean, no chance of that. So, it is the conditions on Earth led to the emergence of intelligent life and, eventually, civilization.

In the Universe there must be many planets with earth like conditions for life

In the Universe there must be many planets with earth like conditions for life

3 … any intelligent life in activities that are self

Remember the Cuban missile crisis, the present threat of North Korea, etc., say the proponents of this point of view.

As soon as civilization developed to the point of obtaining weapons that can destroy her, she turns to step in to do it. And sooner or later it will happen.

So, naively developed to look for aliens in outer space, most likely all civilizations destroy themselves before go to the stars, say the adherents of this theory.

Indirectly in support of this view are Stephen Hawking and Musk that hasten humanity out beyond Earth until we died by their own hands or not has been enslaved by artificial intelligence.

According to astrophysicist David Walesa wells, in conditions when between the stars are vast distances, and the signals need so much time to overcome these distances, most of the civilizations may arise, develop and disappear before they have time to find each other.

4 … we not looking hard enough

At the moment, almost key search tool aliens are listening for radio signals.

But if aliens don’t communicate with them? Suddenly they have other types of communication? Then we have no chance to hear them.

From this point of view seems to be revealing the story of the anomaly in the constellation of Cygnus. Astronomical observations suggest that the star rotates around something very large, periodically reducing its luminosity.

Perhaps it’s sad a Dyson sphere or some other object, which is a testimony to the existence of a highly developed civilization. But radio signals from there we do not get.

Or is it not by aliens, their civilization does not produce radio noise.

We do not have sufficient instrumentation for the search for alien life, scientists have concluded. We barely learned how to find exoplanets, but so far can’t see signs of life on them.

5 … space is big, we are just looking for very recently

Only one milky way stretches for 100 thousand Light years. Perhaps the advanced aliens simply aren’t around us?

Signals, even those associated with light is limited in speed by the same speed of light.

In this case, to get upset, no reason. Sooner or later we’ll hear of aliens. The main thing – to have patience.

6 … we are in isolation

There is such a point of view. Its proponents believe that advanced aliens can consciously avoid contact with us. Just as we’re not in touch with some backward tribes, to protect them from the cultural and technological shock.

Perhaps advanced civilizations are trying to hide their existence from undeveloped until they reach a high enough level of development.

7 … the aliens are already here

This is a favorite theory of x-files fans. However, even the most serious scientists can’t completely dump it from the accounts.

Perhaps the aliens themselves have found us. Maybe they’ve been watching us or even intervene in the development of civilization, but they hide their presence. Maybe even with the help of the authorities involved in the conspiracy.

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