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Scientists have explained why the aging body

Ученые рассказали, почему стареет организм The aging process consists of several main factors.

Scientists from the cancer center in Spain identified signs that indicate that a person begins to age.

“They can be more or less noticeable depending on the person’s lifestyle and genetics. But they always happen,” – said the expert.

So what accompanies the aging process?

1. Accumulated DNA damage.
The genetic code that is passed from one cell to another, it eventually starts to contain more errors. This phenomenon has negative effects on stem cells and promotes the formation of cancerous tumors.

2. The chromosomes wear down.
The aging of the human chromosomes may become more vulnerable, which may cause aplastic anemia or fibrosis.

3. Cell motility is much worse.
Genes in the cell determines that it can do. with age, this mechanism may fail.

4. The cells begin to be updated much slower.
The cells begin to accumulate different toxic components, as the body slows down the process of cell update set. It may cause the development of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson or cataract.

5. Deteriorating metabolism.
With age, the ability of cells to process fats and sugar significantly reduced. This can lead to age-related diabetes.

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