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Scientists have dispelled all notions of Jupiter

Ученые развеяли все представления о ЮпитереThe planet has a core with unexplained abnormal structures

According to scholars, all knowledge possessed by mankind of Jupiter turned out to be false. The first revelation was the fact that Jupiter is a gas giant, because it is not from gas.

Astrophysicist Scott Bolton, who has dedicated years of his life studying the giant planet, said that Jupiter is made of gas, as previously thought. Characteristic expressive stripes on the surface of Jupiter are in fact part of a planetary terrain. The above discovery is made known to the public through the probe Unona, who currently watches over the cosmic body.

In the heart of the planet, according to the observations of the probe, not even a hint-and there is no hydrogen environment. It is assumed that the center of Jupiter is nechetkoi – with unexplained anomalnye strukturami.

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