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Scientists have discovered why the moon dust clouds

Ученые выяснили, откуда на Луне пылевые облакаIn the 60s they were off the green moon glow

NASA scientists figured out why the dust particles on the moon are floating a few inches from the surface, despite the fact that no wind or dust, which could take out these dust particles there.

The finding could explain not only how these dust particles are carried over great distances, it would also explain similar processes taking place in an airless environment, for example, in the ring of Saturn.

Scientists have known about these levitating the particles for a long time, in the 60s even cheated on them green moon glow. In 1994 the spacecraft Clementine even captured a surprising phenomenon, the same was taken over by the rings of Saturn and craters on the asteroid Eros.

“All of these examples of dust transported over long distances without wind or flowing water”, — they say at NASA: “Scientists believe that matter in electrostatic dust, it can explain the processes, but so far there have been no studies to support these explanations.”

To find out whether the particles are held by means of electromagnetic forces, the researchers conducted an experiment in which micron-sized dust particles were exposed to ultraviolet radiation or electrically charged gas. In both cases, dust particles jumped a few inches above the surface, the team says that the way the moon creates a glow of the horizon.

“On the moon, these particles of dust were raised by more than 10 cm above the lunar surface,” according to NASA: “the glow of the horizon moon can be seen in pictures, perhaps it was partly caused by the cloud of dust particles with a small cut.”

The study showed that the strange properties of lunar dust in combination with UV radiation or plasma from the Sun can raise the individual particles, and sometimes even large accumulations of dust. This is due to the reaction as a result of emission and re-absorption of the electrons inside the micro-cavities formed between adjacent particles which can bring unexpectedly large electrical charges and intense repulsion.

Despite the fact that it is a beautiful phenomenon, it is also dangerous particles off so dramatically and quickly that it is able to break even very hard materials.

Ученые выяснили, откуда на Луне пылевые облака

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