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Scientists have discovered why solar flares don’t burn the Earth

Ученые выяснили, почему солнечные вспышки не сжигают ЗемлюFlash of the Sun not burn the Earth’s atmosphere because of the toxic gases.

A group of American physicists have found why during powerful flares that occur on the Sun, the earth’s atmosphere turns into a sea of fire.

This is facilitated not only its special properties, but also toxic gases.

The upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere is able to drop into space a huge amount of heat coming too.

The plasma that emits the Sun, calling it a shock wave, with the result that it heats and expands.

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The same process gives rise to the creation of additional molecules of nitric oxide. They encourage the atmosphere to the discharge of energy and cooling.

The earth is unlike other planets in the Solar system magnetic field is generated by the movement of its core streams of liquid metal.

This field also plays the role of a “shield” that reflects cosmic rays and excessive emissions of coronal mass on the Sun.

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But it is not able to protect the atmosphere from severe overheating. As scientists believe, in parallel with the heating also occur the processes of cooling and contributes to this is one of those gases which are the most dangerous because of their toxicity.

Now experts are trying to figure out whether he is able to protect Earth if the Sun will occur the all-powerful super-flash.

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