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Scientists have discovered why developing a nicotine addiction

Ученые выяснили, почему развивается никотиновая зависимостьExperts have documented characteristic changes in the cells of the brain, which, in fact, contribute to the development of dependence. So, the nicotine binds to receptors throughout the brain.

The focus was interpeduncular cell nuclei and cells of the middle part of the leash epithalamus. Experiments with mice (forced to drink water with nicotine for six weeks) showed changes in individual neurons interpeduncular kernel.

These modified cells were named Amigo1. They contributed to the development of nicotine addiction by breaking the link between leash and epithalamus interpeduncular core.

Normal leash reacts to nicotine by sending a special signal to the nucleus and, thereby, reducing the strength of feeling rewards. This immediately reduces the craving for nicotine. But with the constant use of nicotine cells Amigo1 begin to interfere in the described defense mechanism.

They secrete two compounds that reduce the reaction force of the nucleus on the stop-signal coming from the leash. That is, the message simply does not reach the addressee and dependence develops.

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