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Scientists have discovered what women are attracted to men

Ученые выяснили, чем женщины привлекают мужчинThe more curved the line of the back, the men seem more attractive.

This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of Minho.

The researchers used 3D models and the technology of eye tracking to see how men react to female back and hips. All research has developed six 3D computer models of the upper body of a woman.

Volunteers, among whom were both men and women, showing three views of each model: front, side and rear.

The results showed that the change in the curvature of the back of a woman calls for more men’s attention. While both genders considered the back longer than the front and side. According to scientists, the bending back of a woman can signal that she is ready for courtship by males.

Let us add that women are more looked at the waist area, while men focused on the hips of the models.

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