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Scientists have discovered thousands of “foreign” stars in our galaxy

Ученые обнаружили тысячи «чужих» звезд в нашей галактике

Our milky Way is going how to eat several more smaller galaxies. Rather, it already does. As the portal the researchers found several thousand odd stars on the edge of the milky way, they came to the conclusion that stellar objects appeared out of material, resulting in the large and small Magellanic Clouds — dwarf objects, which sooner or later will become part of our spiral galaxy.

Ученые обнаружили тысячи «чужих» звезд в нашей галактике

The Magellanic clouds — dwarf companions of the milky Way

Researchers believe that, most likely, the gas from the hydrogen flow around the Magellanic clouds, at some point passed through our galaxy, creating a powerful pressure at which the gas flow was faced with a similar substance of the milky Way. This pressure, combined with the gravity of our galaxy’s pinched part of the Magellanic gas so that it condensed under its own gravity. As soon as it happened, some clumps become dense enough, eventually forming the young and the very light of the stars with no signs of the presence of the usual metals.

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The discovery of non-stars could help scientists find the Magellanic stream in the space, which, as the researchers suggest, is about 90 000 light years from Earth. If the Magellanic stream for some reason is closer, the merger of the milky Way and dwarf galaxies can occur faster and earlier than predicted by modern astronomical model. Such an event can significantly increase the lifespan of our galaxy, at the same time adding a large number of new stars in the night sky of our planet is approximately 5 billion years. Unless, of course, the Earth will be able somehow to survive up to this Grand cosmic event.

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