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Scientists have discovered the remains of an ancient Dolphin charm

Ученые обнаружили останки древнего необычного дельфинаDolphin lived on the planet of 28-30 million years ago.

Scientists have discovered the remains toothless Dolphin that lived on the Earth 28-30 million years ago.

The animal has received the name Inermorostrum xenops, his remains were discovered on the river bottom, Wando in Charleston (USA). According to researchers, the Dolphin was powered by the suction of fish and other soft-bodied invertebrates. Length of the animal has reached 1.2 meters, he had a short snout with a larger mouth and, presumably, a mustache.

Scientists emphasize that at the same time with the Dolphin in the Land was inhabited by different marine mammal — ancient whale Coronodon havensteini. According to the researchers, they were hunting the same prey.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have discovered the remains of a unique Arctic dinosaur, which was named Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis, which means “ancient animal Colville river”. In length this dinosaur reached about 7.5 m. During the Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis the Arctic were covered in coniferous forests, mean annual temperature was 7 degrees Celsius.

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