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Scientists have discovered the oldest samples of beer

Ученые обнаружили древнейшие образцы пиваRepresentatives naturisme culture brewed beer even 13 thousand years ago.

Scientists from Stanford University have stated that they have found the oldest known samples of beer. It turned out that brewing preceded the production of cultivated cereals.

The researchers found that representatives naturisme culture of ancient hunter-gatherers already brewed beer. Researchers analyzed the stone artifacts that were made by the representatives of this culture 13 thousand years ago, and found in them traces of brewing.

According to researchers, naturity used beer for ritual. “This discovery shows that the production of alcohol is not necessarily a consequence of the formation of surplus agricultural products, but was developed for ceremonial purposes and spiritual needs before the advent of agriculture” – said the head of a group of researchers Li Liu.

On the ancient artifacts researchers found traces of starch and vitality microscopic fossilized remains of plants. This pointed to the fact that netoffice used wheat and barley as ingredients for brewing. The process was three fold. First, the grains were processed into malt by germinating seeds in water and subsequent drying. Then the malt was ground up, heated, and finally subjected to fermentation.

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