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Scientists have discovered the oldest periodic table

Ученые обнаружили старейшую таблицу МенделееваTable lying in the warehouse of laboratory equipment

In one of the Scottish universities has discovered the oldest “heritage” Dmitry Mendeleev.

“Found the oldest periodic table. The find dates back to 1885. He opened the periodic law in 1869. Table during cleaning was discovered by Dr. Alan Aitken at St. Andrews University in Scotland. Table lying in the warehouse of laboratory equipment that accumulated in the room after the relocation of the faculty of chemistry,” – said in the message.

Note that the published photo can be seen the most ancient of the periodic table.

“Over the years table decently svetlala and in need of repair and restoration. It is made in German and has in the bottom part an inscription indicating the printing office who worked in Vienna from 1875 to 1888. The author of the lithographs, whose name was also placed on the worksheet, died in 1890. Consultations with specialists from different countries has allowed to establish that the older table of the chemical elements in the world have not survived. This indicates that the element germanium, opened in 1886, the table is missing”, – underlined in the message.

Ученые обнаружили старейшую таблицу Менделеева

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