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Scientists have discovered the oldest “computer” item

Ученые обнаружили древнейшую «компьютерную» детальIn the Aegean sea discovered the “computer” item older than 2000 years

Underwater archeologists discovered something incredible: at the bottom of the Aegean sea, they found part of a computer, whose age exceeds 2000 years. More specifically, based on the findings of scientists, the details of 2,200 years.

The object itself is an element of the unknown anticarsia mechanism, which is better known as the first computer on earth. In 1901, divers raised from the seabed mysterious mechanism, calling it the Antikythera in honor of the nearby Islands. The scientists after the research has concluded that the detail created in 150 BC by the Greeks, to determine the moving objects in the sky. The device helped to know the figures in 42 of astronomical events.

A recent study of DNA has revealed the detail of this construction. Disc-shaped the find was made from bronze that had 4 knobs and holes for pins. The artifact flaunts a bull that for a reason: most likely, using the details found out the location of the constellation of Taurus.

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