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Scientists have discovered the effect of caffeine on weight loss person

Ученые выяснили, как влияет кофеин на похудение человекаFrequent coffee drinking can help you lose a few extra pounds.

According to experts, it’s all in the caffeine contained in the drink. It is a powerful stimulant and can contribute to lose those extra pounds.

Scientists have conducted experiments on rodents and came to the conclusion that those rodents that were given caffeine, a lot quicker losing weight than a control group who did not receive it.

The scientists focused on the neural pathways. They are an important part of biological processes. In particular, the neural paths meet and the feeling of hunger, which can be activated or dull. While caffeine processes in the neural pathways change.

As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that caffeine literally suppresses the appetite. So it can be used as a tool for weight loss. But doctors clarify that it is important to remember about the side effects because caffeine also affects the heart and cardiovascular system. Caffeine is especially dangerous in combination with alcohol, so scientists do not recommend drinking energy drinks they contain a large dose of caffeine and alcohol.

In addition, the researchers say that this effect people have to drink dozens of cups of coffee a day, so it’s impossible. But the researchers intend to create on the basis of caffeine drugs that can be used for the relief of excess weight. Read more here.

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