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Scientists have discovered the castle of king Arthur

Ученые обнаружили замок короля АртураIn particular, he believes that Camelot began to call the former Roman fortress on the territory of present-day England.

According to Peter field, as a Professor of English literature, he managed to set the place where the legendary castle of king Arthur.

Quest for Camelot helped him information that existed at the time the fortresses and legends about the famous king.

A great leader of the Britons at the junction of the V and VI centuries was, according to legend the king said (the name comes from the Celtic word for “bear”). He was probably one of the most famous British heroes of the epic and later historical novels.

Until now, scientists and not only the UK, argue, and was actually the prototype of this character. In one, many of them single, if king Arthur existed, his castle named Camelot, located in the Western part of old England. Most likely, in the current County of Cheshire.

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Peter field, having conducted numerous studies of legends and knowledge about the location of the ancient fortress, as well as docking therein and epic facts, came to a completely different conclusion.

The scientist believes that Camelot was in a completely different part of the state, namely in the North. Most likely, he believes, the ancient abode of king Arthur was somewhere between York and Chester.

At that time they were the main centres to carry out counter-invasion enlow, Saxons and Picts. Possible, says field, castle, the legend was where is now located the village of slak, located in West Yorkshire County.

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Professor of English literature in proof of his insights also leads to the fact that in this case the location of the Fort was the most literate and epic.

Also Peter field in their research examined the changes over time in the languages of the peoples of Europe. In particular, he believes that Camelot began to call the former Roman fortress on the territory of England, previously had a name Camulodunum, which translated from Latin means “the Fort, dedicated to Lord Kamola”.

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