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Scientists have discovered one of the mysterious creatures of the Arctic

Ученые обнаружили одно из загадочных существ АрктикиIce bee was a mystery of the Arctic

Glacial bumblebee detect vital Spitsyn.

Species Bombus glacialis was found in a New Land and named The Richest mystery of the Arctic. The editors of the Richest decided to commemorate the discovery of Vitaly Spitsyn on the New Earth in the framework of the expedition of the Arctic floating University. Thus, we have found Glacial bumblebee Bombus glacialis, which became one of the most mysterious creatures of the Arctic.

According to scientists, bumblebee is very tenacious and hardy. Proof of this is its viability even after the ice age on Earth and of nuclear tests on the archipelago during the Soviet era. In view of its characteristics, the editors of the Richest mark the first time that the species was registered in 1902, then his characterization has surprised the scientific community.

However, it is now possible to say. The originality of the species Bombus glacialis will help scientists learn about species that previously inhabited the planet, if their remains could be found. Now to be negotiated between countries for the right research of the ice of the bumblebee on his findings.

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