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Scientists have discovered on Venus continents

Ученые обнаружили на Венере континентыPreviously, scientists believed that the planet lacks tectonic processes.

Planetary scientists have discovered evidence that on Venus there is a small similarity of the continents and tectonic processes, which put in doubt the main explanation of why the Earth did not like this planet.

At the moment, Venus differs greatly from Earth, despite similar conditions of formation. The planet’s atmosphere heat up to 462 degrees Celsius, there is almost no water, its surface is covered with volcanoes, and the atmosphere consists of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid. While among scholars there is no consensus about how Venus could lose their water and turn into a giant greenhouse.

One reason for this, according to scientists, it may be that on the planet there are no tectonic processes that can be observed on the Ground. Now, researchers have created a laboratory analogue of the light of Venus and noticed the existence of tectonic processes in the rock. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

How to tell the scientists, they were interested in as there are so-called “crown” – a mysterious circular plateau on the surface of Venus outlined by the many cracks and faults and similar “stack” of pancakes of different diameters and shapes. They were discovered in 1983, the Soviet probe “Venera-15” and “Venera-16”, and since their nature is a matter of controversy among planetary scientists.

The researchers found that streams of boiling water, rising to the surface of “Venus”, which gradually chips small pieces of “bark”, which sink in the mantle because of its higher density. Unlike the continents on the Earth like segments of the cortex are always of small size, and therefore the traces of this process will be almost invisible to observers in orbit.

Earlier it was reported that researchers at NASA are developing station for the study of Venus. According to the idea of scientists, they will be similar to the airships will fly in the planet’s atmosphere to a safe man. On Board Venus each station will have two astronauts. The expedition will last for 30 days, after which the researchers will return to the Earth.

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