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Scientists have discovered how to significantly speed up weight loss

Ученые выяснили, как существенно ускорить потерю весаA new method for weight loss.

There is a simple secret that will help to lose weight 5 times more efficiently. However, he has no relation to physical exercise.

Decades the population of our planet struggles with excess weight, which while strongly loses. Since the second half of the last century, we have an epidemic of obesity, which has replaced many centuries of famine in the history of mankind. Today, it is extra weight, not the deficit, is a great danger to health in many countries. The need for weight loss creates the demand for the services of nutritionists and pharmacists, who constantly offer new methods of getting rid of excess weight. Unfortunately, there is no universal way to get this done, because someone helps one diet, someone different, and someone can not lose weight, almost without getting out of the gym.

But according to a new study, there is one not very well known method that speeds up the process of losing excess weight in 5 times. And we are not talking about any intense physical activities or on a continuous hunger strike. This functionally-shaped workout – the method that teaches you to focus on achieving goals in the fight against weight. To be more specific, these training use of multi-sensor images for the acquisition of the desired changes. People are taught to imagine in the mind pictures that they can really motivate. In the new study, which was attended by 141 people from Australia with a body mass index at least 25, this method showed great results.

In the group where practiced functionally-shaped training, the participants visually imagine the changes to their body that they wanted. The resulting impact of these motivational pictures they lost 5 times more weight than volunteers in the control group and 4.1 kg 0,74 kg. the Most amazing is that after 6 months, the first group continued to lose weight, and in the second the process is almost completely stopped.

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