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Scientists have discovered how the brain works during Christmas holidays

Ученые выяснили, как работает мозг во время новогодних праздниковAcademics from the University of Copenhagen studied the functioning of the brain during the Christmas holidays.

Danish scientists have described how the brain works during the Christmas holidays. And found out they do not in the course of a special study, and while collecting data for a totally different study.

It University of Copenhagen scientists have tried to understand the changes in the brain associated with migraine. And then it was decided to study the brain during the Christmas holidays. The study was conducted using MRI.

All study participants were healthy adults from Copenhagen. They were shown different images. Some of them were common, others associated with the Christmas holiday period.

All the while their brains were scanned for activity. It was a blind study, which meant that scientists did not know the attitude of the participants to the holidays, before they were tested. Only after scanning, they were given a questionnaire where they were asked to describe their opinion about the Christmas holidays.

The data were analyzed two categories of participants. The first consisted of those who were celebrating and had positive feelings for the new year holidays, the second included those who did not celebrate or had neutral feelings.

In the first category, that is, those who have a positive attitude to this festive time, there was a significant increase in blood flow in several areas of the brain: the sensory and motor cortex, predatory and primary motor cortex, and parietal lobe.

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