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Scientists have discovered how global warming will affect the oceans

Ученые выяснили, как глобальное потепление повлияет на Мировой океанGlobal warming will change the color of the water in the ocean

Due to global warming the oceans by the end of the XXI century will change color. The reason will be the rapid growth of blue-green algae and other phytoplankton.

Changes will not be evident: the ocean will continue to look blue in the subtropics and bright green at the equator and poles, but will become more sharp and bright due to the increase in chlorophyll concentration. However, this will considerably affect the food chain.

To predict the climatic consequences of the flowering of the ocean is impossible, said the scientists. The first manifestation of this phenomenon has led to mass deaths of fish and animals from poisoning by the acid, which is isolated algae.

Recently, scientists said that global warming could lead to a shortage of drinking water in some regions of the Earth. Changes in climate will lead to the fact that some areas will become more wet and others more dry.

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