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Scientists have discovered an unusual star

Ученые открыли необычную звездуScientists have found a star with a very low iron content

Astronomers have announced that they managed to open the star with a very low iron content.

The star designated SMSS 1605-1443 is located in the milky Way, at a distance of 36 thousand light-years from Earth.

The star was found in the course of a sky survey undertaken by the SkyMapper telescope, and then were examined using a spectrograph WIFES on the ANU telescope and the spectrograph MIKE on one of the Magellan telescopes.

Star – red giant, its effective temperature reaches 4575 degrees Celsius, but its metallicity is estimated at -6,2. The metallicity is associated with the age of the star. The earliest stars were composed of hydrogen and helium, and small amounts of lithium and beryllium, and only later in the subsoil has formed the heavier elements, which were then ejected into interstellar space. Thus, more young stars contain more metals.

The researchers found that SMSS 1605-1443 rich in carbon, calcium, magnesium, and titanium. Experts suggest that the open star was enriched by the residual substances supernovae of the population III, which had a mass of about 10 solar.

The researchers note that SMSS 1605-1443 star with the lowest iron content of the media known at the moment.

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