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Scientists have discovered an unusual fact about dogs

Ученые выяснили необычный факт о собакахDogs actually feel bad people

It is believed that dogs are somehow mysteriously unable to feel “bad” people. And this is how the scientists, not another myth but a very real fact of having a scientific explanation.

It’s all in the adrenaline and the increased heart rhythm. Dogs can catch these factors in planning something bad people, and to warn about the danger of his master.

“It looks incredible, but it’s a fact – dogs do know how to identify people with bad intentions, and is not some kind of magical ability, and the result is an amazingly powerful sense of smell of dogs, and their high sensitivity as a whole,” say the researchers who validated the unique ability of dogs with a series of experiments.

In one of the experiments, the researchers analysed the behaviour of dogs whose owners pretended that he was in trouble, and, therefore, appealed for help to strangers.

Last helped or not helped the owners of four-legged companions, and then tried to buy the dogs a treat. Surprisingly, the dog took the treat only those people who have helped their owners.

“We managed to prove that dogs are able to instantly read the true intentions of strangers. And this property is undoubtedly a very useful and noteworthy,” the scientists conclude.

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