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Scientists have discovered an unexpected advantage of the lack of sleep

Ученые обнаружили неожиданную пользу отсутствия снаIt turns out that lack of sleep is not only negative, but also positive aspects.

Sleep deprivation is the lack or complete absence of satisfaction of need for sleep. This phenomenon can cause a sleep disorder and also to be a conscious choice. American psychologists have shown that sleep deprivation can also be therapeutic in the treatment of depressive States.

The researchers carried out a statistical analysis of 66 independent studies which studied the effect of sleep deprivation on depression. Scientists have searched for materials to analyze for keyword “sleep deprivation” and “depression” in the databases PubMed and PsycINFO.

The study included in the analyzed set, and if the authors resorted to the study of sleep deprivation as a potential therapy for depression.

So, in the end it turned out that total or partial sleep deprivation in patients with depression, and eased her symptoms. And this, according to experts proves the effectiveness of insomnia when such treatment of depressive States.

But at the same time, for healthy people, sleep deprivation can severely hurt. Because, as you know, sleep is the time when the brain recovers after a day and resting. The same happens in human body during sleep. A recent study showed that insomnia increases the likelihood of death from stroke in people with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, doctors recommend sleeping at least 8 hours a day.

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