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Scientists have discovered an ancient Viking burial

Ученые обнаружили древнейшее захоронение викинговScientists have found at the Cape of Death in Lahdenpohja region of Karelia burial of the Vikings.

Made it in the boat, imbedded in the rock to a depth of 20 centimeters. Information about this report the members of the Ladoga expedition of the Museum of anthropology named after Peter the Great.

In the excavations the scientists saw the remains of a marine vessel in the form of rivets, which were produced during the Viking age. Archaeologists noticed them at the hole in the rock, also found there the tips are mine and battle axes Vikings – as in the Chronicles of Kievan Rus was called the Vikings. Experts found beads of glass and stone. Archaeologists say that all things have been burning in the fire.

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Experts call this discovery a real breakthrough in science that will help mankind to lift the veil of secrecy regarding the movement of Scandinavian warriors in the Middle ages. Archaeologists see this finding a possible confirmation of the words of the ancient sagas of the Vikings in the Karelian bays. Scientists continue to study the terrain and the objects found in the area of lake Ladoga.

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